Review procedure

The procedure for reviewing articles in the magazine follows the recommendations of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education contained in the document "Good practices in reviewing procedures", Warsaw 2011.

The authors who send an article for publication, are aware (see information for authors) that all papers published in “Przegląd Mechaniczny” are assessed by the reviewers to what they agree.

The submitted articles are subjected to formal editorial assessment and receive an editorial identification number for further editorial process. The editor staff provides the authors with information of receiving the article and sending it to the reviewer. For each article at least two independent reviewers are appointed. The selected editorial reviewers are the most reliable and competent in the field, they are not members of the editorial staff or employees of the publisher. Submitted articles are never sent to the reviewers from the facility/company of the author. The work of reviewers is confidential and anonymous. The review must be in a written form and end with an explicit information about allowing the article to be published in “Przegląd Mechaniczny” or rejecting it. In case of the article in a foreign language at least one reviewer must by affiliated in foreign institution other then the nationality of the author. The authors are informed about the result of reviews and are given the access to the reviewed article. In case of a dispute the editor staff appoints additional reviewers. Each article containing test results is also addressed to the editor of statistics.

The list of reviewers is published in the last issue of each year

Information for reviewers

The editorial staff requests the reviewers to submit completed reviews within 4 weeks (see review form).